Can Kosmik Brands ship infused products?

Unfortunately, no. The reason cannabis brands cannot ship infused products is primarily due to legal restrictions and varying regulations surrounding cannabis and its derivatives across different countries and jurisdictions. Here are a few key factors contributing to this limitation: 


     1) Legal Status: Cannabis and cannabis-infused products are classified as controlled substances in many countries. The legality of cannabis, including its derivatives such as THC-infused products, varies significantly from one jurisdiction to another. Shipping of these products would require compliance with both the exporting and importing country's laws, including licenses, permits, and regulatory frameworks. 

     2) Regulatory Compliance: The production, distribution, and sale of cannabis and cannabis-infused products are subject to strict regulations and quality control standards in many regions. International shipping would involve navigating and complying with the regulations of both the originating and destination countries, which can be complex and costly.  

     3) Import and Export Restrictions: Many countries have specific import and export restrictions on cannabis and cannabis-related products. These restrictions may apply to both THC and CBD products, as CBD is derived from cannabis and can be subject to similar regulations. These restrictions can include limitations on quantities, specific product types, or outright bans. 

     4) Lack of International Standardization: Cannabis regulations and requirements vary widely across countries and states. There is currently no global standard or unified framework for cannabis production, labeling, and testing. These inconsistencies make it challenging for cannabis brands to ensure compliance with regulations in different countries when shipping their products internationally.  


It's crucial to recognize that the legal landscape surrounding cannabis is continuously evolving, with some countries or regions legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis for medical or recreational use. However, these changes are not uniform globally, and strict controls on international shipping of cannabis-infused products remain in place in many jurisdictions. It's important for both businesses and consumers to adhere to their local laws and regulations regarding cannabis and its derivatives to avoid legal consequences.